Newgrounds Flash on your comp

2008-06-05 17:40:34 by streyeder

Do not use this to steal flash. I use it to save my favorite games on my comp, simply because my net is shit and constantly craps out.
This is with FireFox only. If you dont use firfox, check youtube for a guide with Explorer. But I recommend forfox especially for use at schools, because it bypasses blockers like NetNanny ( But not SonicWall ='[

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2008-06-17 13:16:48

I used to do that by just looking at the HTML code and searching for the flashname in there... hehe
sort of complicated, but that's how I always got the stuff i wanted!

streyeder responds:

Wow, i was hoping someone would comment it. And its the great CWN, once again I feel honoured.