God damn...

2008-04-23 20:35:59 by streyeder

Dontcha just f**king hate it when people dont respond to your reviews? Aw well. None the less we take the time to write a review...least they could do is type back a response.

God damn...


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2008-04-23 21:19:32

Some flash artists get a lot of reviews. And most of the best flash artists are really busy.


2008-05-12 20:01:06

I try to get everyone back but some people get too many reviews.


2008-05-16 18:18:35

hand of the devil

streyeder responds:

hells ya


2008-06-04 12:48:27

Man that is f!$# - ing awesome where di you get that?

streyeder responds:

my friend sent to me with a pic pac on xfire